Friday, May 15, 2009

Upside down!

When breathing in the breath of pain
it's like the mind turns upside down
to catch the bit that's left behind
the rise of hot air agony.
Upside down means not alright
to view the future glow of light
that hovers close, so very close,
to absorb that agony
and dissipate the impact
on those who will eventually
merge into the light.

It's happening beyond my view;
this I know for I've been told
and yet an upturned mind is such
to view the process morbidly
and sink into the gloom.

Gloom is sticky marshy "stuff"
that drags a body down, down, down,
but for a time a saviour's town
where inhabitants can meet, cry, frown,
and map out an escape route.

There are walls and doors, formalities,
and difficulty beyond compare
but in the cracks a tunnel hides
for belief, trust, love, to open wide
the access point to freedom.

Freedom, yes, ‘tis freedom's mind
that decides an end to agony
be it here to suffer more
or simply go into love's hold!

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