Saturday, June 25, 2011


It’s not that my eyes are weak and unused
or my future sight barred by the present
but rather the love in deep inside
that causes a near over-flow.

Gone are the times of freedom to fall
when amidst the most understanding
because life has brought forth the norm
of complete and utter containment.

But when is the time, where the place,
for love’s heart to be made visible
when empathy no longer exists
and the most understanding have left?

The place is inside where the well of all things
grows deeper and wider than ever before
but of the time it is decreed
by the movements within love’s sphere..

But we do, if we wish, have a well
or we could maybe choose denial
or simply send love on its way
with the most understanding.

I think I’ll just cry and keep my well dry
so it doesn’t, you know, start to rust!


Thursday, June 23, 2011


Supposing one day there came a big hole
in the blue, blue, sky up above
and from there emanated all lies and evil
mankind o’er the years has sent up.

Supposing it came thick and heavy like sludge
and forced a forever confinement
behind the doors locked and bolted
of personality constructs.

Supposing no one cleared the roads
with a machine called eternal love
to enable a walk to the sea
or a meander down avenues.

Supposing, supposing, but rest assured
it’s not likely to ever happen
but how would it be, really, really,
if there came a big hole in the sky?

Sunday, June 19, 2011


One moment grows to hours
and the hours to weeks, months, years,
in the waiting for a happening
that doesn’t ere occur.

How and when does one believe
it’s just not meant to be
and put it in the archives
destined for the fire?

But not as when the poets were
gifted with wisdom, insight,
I find my mind and fingers numb
here in this air I breathe.

One day, one day, perhaps today
all who wait will close the door
and simply breathe without belief
that something waits beyond ~
and then, and then, what then?

It’s simply so that nothing’s there
so open up the door and breathe,
just breathe, that’s all, just breathe ~
and be!


Monday, June 13, 2011


I can’t see where I’m going to
if I keep on looking back
and counting losses one by one
though they profited not.

It’s just a list of this and that
that grew till my departure
from the empty and the barren
that froze a fulsome heart.

So the leaving from the past
just a thawing into grace
and an in and unto freedom
from the long ago outgrown.

But how grows a woman/man
from that which twisted humankind
into the warped and saddened
from the pure and gentle loving?

Simply perhaps the willingness
to be released and re-directed
brings events and happenings
into life and consciousness ~
and once aware don’t ere despair
because growth spurts always hurt
until, of course, they don’t!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bits and bobs

When all the saints have marched right out
and when the sun no longer shines
the clouds will rule like despots
and the rain their bidding do.

It will fall and spread o’er all the world
collecting history in its wake
and scatter bits and bobs about
like hand-outs to the poor.

And after turmoil, strife, and woe
silence will reign again
and all who made the loudest noise
will humbly kneel and beg.

But silence holds no grudges ere
towards the tongues of men
who like the rain inflict the pain
as if a faithful servant.

The tongues of men; will they rebel
and seek to serve through quiet repose
before that certain downpour
in the darkness after light?

No, not ere for made to speak
the mind has settled down to sleep
and will not, cannot, wake to be
the carrier of thoughts to you.

Yet still I think my bits and bobs
and scatter them not to the poor
but to the rich in mindfulness
who use their wealth to good effect.

Can you hear me?  No, I think not ere
because, because, mind sleeps, you see,
when the tongues of men prattle on
and do not reap the crop
of silent mindfulness!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Please remember

I thought to raise up from the past
the words of love created last
for life finds me now silent, still,
in fear of what tomorrow brings.

‘twas a voice that hit the notes on cue
and gave to love its fulsome due
and I think sometimes you listened
in between your life’s ambitions.

But in the silence of love’s heart
there beats remembrances of past
and I find sometimes I tap-tap-tap
to a melody I cannot hear.

One day again like back then
you’ll hear me sing again
for nothing started ere can cease
because of life’s artful design.

Until, until, I sing again
remember, please remember!