Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Top of the mountain

She reached the top of the mountain
battered and bruised and somewhat confused
but she breathed the air of one quite relieved
to be where no man had ere been before.

She knew for a fact because pristine and clean
un-ravaged by greed and man’s mortal needs
and nowhere a sign of destructive measures
designed to lay waste to the pure innocent.

So she stayed for a time to pluck from the air
the strength to return to where she came from
and thought to pretend for a life time or more
still too weak to tackle the down.

But the down is the making of character
and the moulding of all she needs to be
to release the strength to face the unknown
and to finally know she did it, she did.

So she loaded her wagon with all that she was
and made her way down steep inclines
careful to not dislodge her resolve
to conquer the pitfalls of life.

And she sang the song all gypsies do
day and night all the way down
till back in the midst of humanity
she became the queen of all that she knows.

Thursday, October 11, 2018


Not a stone, boulder, rock,
but just a woman somewhat lost
in this world of love’s abandonment
perceived as paradise
by those with low ability
to see and feel the truth.

So confident they say to do
the opposite of love’s dictates
to not abandon or let go
what love has joined together.

“Turn around, turn around
and place that love inwards
to satisfy your own desires
and carefree join the pack.”

Some merit there but how to turn
when love walks straight and sure
and so she’s lost and yet she’s not
because she knows, has always known,
one cannot now or ever
unsubscribe from love!