Friday, May 22, 2009

The Perimeter

A sadness o'er lays the glory of days
and nights become darker than dark
in the knowing that love's energy
remains confined and restricted
to only the perimeter
of skin, fat, muscle, bone.

It cannot creep into the mind of men
or into the heart of women
unless its presence is made known
in the most strangest of ways.

It can't ever be part of the norm
for we've made a norm out of ego
and made our beds the same as the rest
in a world devoid of intent
to love in a manner befitting
that attendant energy.

I teeter so on the borders of hate
for this so fickle human state
that hides intelligence in ignorance
and shutters the mind and heart
against the breeze
of the unseen.

Love will always be the unseen
on the perimeter of you and me
for a "he" makes the shutters,
a "she" closes them,
and the norm anointed as king
rules every living "thing".

So says Peter, Paul, Mary,
and all sentient beings
confined and restricted by "us"
to that unseen perimeter!

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