Saturday, September 14, 2019


Rain doesn’t wash the agony out
it simply spreads it around
and allows it to settle where ere it will
while waiting for times to change.

And change like a storm sometimes
and sometimes an unnoticed drizzle
but change a definite and certain outcome
after agony of a day, month, year.

It’s the waiting that lays one down inert
unable to rise to the new and untried
so the this or that lays claim to mind
and creates complete and utter confusion.

Now confusion like a devil incarnate
that overloads the mind, heart, soul,
to cause withdrawal from the meaningful
until, until, well, perhaps the next storm.

But in between the storms and drizzles
there is the sun and new growth
if we can but know and certainly feel
something’s growing behind the times.

Let there be peace and so it must be
to enable that “thing” to grow happily
without the distraction of agony
and the devil’s work of confusion!