Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bubble of love

 Now that bubble of love has no door
yet easy, so easy, to walk right in,
unpack our bags, put up our feet,
and make ourselves comfortable.

As so as a welcome guest we sit;
no need to clean, cook, serve,
or repair the old, broken or cracked,
or preserve the beautiful.

We shift the furniture, move ornaments,
and change carpets, curtains, linen,
to suit our own peculiarities
as if it’s our given right.

Now that bubble of love patient and kind
observes these machinations
and wonders how long it can bear the brunt
of mankind’s twisted perceptions.

One day that bubble will build a door
to close on the undeserving
and how would it be with nowhere to go
to make ourselves comfortable?

Clean, cook, serve, repair, protect,
and maybe, just maybe, maybe …

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Morning has broken

Morning has broken the still of the night
and brought in the pain, anguish, and strife
wrapped in a parcel of gorgeous sunlight
and bound with the string of merry bird songs.

And that gypsy well known for lonely vigils
invites them all in for friendly debate
in attempts to discern the merit and worth
of this strange and peculiar phenomenon. 

She serves up her best from stores of wisdom
and lays small-talk on a china platter
but greeted by silence that gypsy resolves
to not ever again be a hostess of note.

She can’t entertain a group of strangers
that simply have nothing in common
but after the chore of clearing away
she’s left with a beautiful day –
and she’ll do it again and again, again,  
because the effort is worth the outcome!