Sunday, December 16, 2012


Not right and yet it is so
evil lives to rule the world
and creeps around the corners, bends,
of the pure and innocent.

Unaware they welcome it
and lay a bed for it to grow
until of age it sallies forth
and makes its presence known.

How can it be and yet ‘tis so
for every thought against the one
without compassion, honour, love,
feeds evil’s so large appetite.

I’m guilty for I can’t abide
the grin of evil in a smile
meant to deceive and pacify
the pure and innocent.

But in the fullness of all time
I’ll know the pain from evil’s strike
was meant to modify my mind
from judgment to acceptance mode.

Until that time, until, until,
may love too sally forth
and make its presence known!

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