Friday, March 27, 2009

A caveman

A caveman exceeded his boundaries
and crossed from the past to the now
and the honourable he without any fear
stood bemused in the centre of town.

Shoulders protested the extra weight
of the beast of burden he carried
and he looked for a spot to bury the lot
but, of course, too long he had tarried.

He thought to hijack a passing truck
but his luck was sunken in gloom
so instead of a truck a shooting star
to carry it up to the moon.

The man in the moon, nobody's fool
passed it along to the milky way
and then the sky rumbled out loud,
"'Send it back down to earth as rain".

The beast of burden tumbled right down
and, lo and behold, I was out
there in the rain collecting the pain
instead of just messing about.

"What to do now?" asked Lady O'Me
with the hey all soggy and wet
so she dived for a cave in the country
to pay off his karma debt.

And that Lady O'Me, nobody's fool
passed it off as a freak of nature
and then her heart died of overdue fright
because karma's a damn awful creature.

The caveman today still stands bemused
because he's made as a country lad
so he wanders the streets in a beggar's suit
until he becomes aware!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

From the core

When a bough breaks it's no silent affair
but a heart wrenching cry from the core of a tree
for a part of itself has withered and died
on the ground where the world passes it by.

The tree is half bare but nobody cares
that once it held flowers and leaves
and stood as a symbol of stability
for all who would teeter and fall.

It was winter back then so long ago
when the tree looked for answers within
but life dished up its perspective
and the tree ate heartily.

Today the tree cries like a woman denied
and moans like a lover abandoned
for no nourishment can ever be found
on a plate of outside influence.

Listen, oh, listen, but nobody hears
heart wrenching cries from the core of a tree!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


I had a vision one moment in time
and then for more moments forgot that time
but time circles round and I'm back again
in the vision I had that one moment in time.

But that vision now in this moment of time
a fraudulent means of enlivening mind
and is but a rock on the path of belief
that crashes to ground perceived insight.

I now have the wisdom, the wisdom of time,
the broad based knowledge of a jilted bride
and yet of all visions they ne'er are content
to lie fallow as dead in the circles of time.

Visions and time how they intertwine
and move together like husband and wife!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ask and you will receive...?

You have my love and that is that;
I do not ask for yours
but I want your strength of mind
to not break down and cry
and your nerves of steel
that never shiver, shake,
with the advent of desire.

I want the water in your veins
to wash my passion out
and your heart's well formed icicles
to encourage frozen depths
within the all of me.

I want your ruler to draw lines
around good memories
and your curtains to pull across
inappropriate insight
and then I want your pen
to boldly write, "The End"

I want your hand that closes doors
and your feet that walk a million miles
away from mindful love
and then I want your pose
of wilful unawareness
and finally your recline
in sheer ignorance.

All of this I do not have
but I know to wait and wait
until I myself wrap that and more
in my survival kit!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The dot!

Only half of all there is
like half a turn, half a yearn,
half a thought, a wish,
comes to one unmindful of
the power of completion.

This power like a furnace burns
to heat up mind's intent
and send it searching in the rough
for the perfect whole.

I'm rather fond of commas
because maybe there'll be more
and it's like I'm finely tuned
to continually anticipate
that blessed other half
until I come to know
a full stop makes a half
completely complete.

I can end most anything
with a simple little dot
but until I dot the "I"
I'm searching in the rough
not destined ere to find
what I'm searching for!