Thursday, August 18, 2016

Gypsy of note

So that gypsy of note opened her door
to the worse than ever before
and watched in dismay as her wagon wheels
buckled then broke under the weight.

She toiled all day until dawn broke
in attempts to repair the damage
but, lo and behold, the rain fell down
and her wagon got stuck in the mud.

There followed then the stress and strain
to release and uplift the entrenched
but finally too tired to move
she succumbed to the rain and mud.

Exhausted she lies and calls to the wild
that claims life in the deep within
to bless her with two gigantic wings
to fly free from the deeply entrenched.

And her voice with the wind journeys afar
to a place she still has to know
but she waits like a maiden with grace
sometimes in and sometimes out
that exulted state.
She waits and calls again, again,
but she knows wings won’t ever be real
because they are and will always be
just the strength to be happy in mud!