Monday, January 16, 2012

Last Flickering Fire (repost)

In form like the sun’s rise before fall
she dreams of love’s fire licking at sky
and dances her heart openly unafraid
like a passionate gypsy on a hot summer’s night.

“Come!  Feel the burn of this energy!”
she sings to no one and to everyone
as her body in sync with involuntary action
gyrates to the beat of mystical tunes.

The air opens up like a fabled cave
to the heat of desire and need of release
until precious gold and sovereigns of old
become useless tender to the sensitive.

The fire, the fire, one last flickering fire,
forever burns love as a symbol of wealth
when earth meets sky in explosive delight
somewhere over there beyond her foresight.

She’s a lady, a woman, an angel, you/me,
imbued with love’s feel and in motion to be
a second string bow to the masculine soul
like sun is to sky when earth turns to fire!


  1. Wow Helen, this is brilliant. Absolutely mystical and lovely. It takes you right from the start to finish to that lovely place I cannot even put a name on but relate to, in emotions. I enjoyed the image of the sun's dreams of love's fire licking at sky. And love the closing stanza too. Cannot fault this at all. Thank you for sharing.


  2. Yasin - thank you so much. It's good sometimes to remember the ... good.