Monday, April 23, 2018

Tuesday's story

The sun is setting quicker now
than ere it did before
in a hurry to say goodbye
to a world full of strife.

And the night is none too pleased
for it needs not to be
witness to the plot and plan
of what is yet to come.

As for stars they twinkle still
but call and beg the clouds
to hide their light from humankind
not deserving of the blessing.

The moon of course vacillates
sometimes granting love and joy
and sometimes saying, “No, no, no.
What a waste of energy.”

But energy doesn’t care.
it works its magic everywhere
but surely one day it will tire
and retire from the fray.

Then the wilt and wither;
the preamble to demise
and I wonder then if everyone
will know they overstepped the mark.

The mark, the mark!  Where is the mark?
It seems to veer and swerve about
according to the times
to leave mankind confused.

It’s good, it’s good, as only then
can one stop and think!