Saturday, December 29, 2007

Some stories can be true but also maybe not

Slowly, slowly coming home
the spirit into man
and smiles a woman so, just so
but in the night she cries
for gone the lost and wandering
that brought love into mind.

And mind unto the body joined
ignites the fire, desire
but she and I watch embers die
for such is life without
the needful spirit heat.

'tis a shame the tears that fall
for the wanting of it all
and the time alone like thunder
rumbles sad within the frame
of that woman holding tightly
to the reins of other times.

I join with her in sympathy
for empathy's too deep
to allow for detachment
and I turn her physically
closer in to home
like I'm a useless trader
selling goods she doesn't want.

So there you are, that's that; she's in but never home
and free to sleep alone
for such is life with the spirit now within
and not wandering about!

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