Thursday, November 15, 2018

No wind

There’s no wind today but evil still blows
over the land like a tidal wave
and it lifts and scatters the foundations of life
to make humans behave in the strangest of ways.

Soon what is strange will turn into norms
practiced with vigour day in and day out
and perceived freedom will turn into chains
to secure one and all to instability.

There’ll be no place to land and believe
love prevails and kindness exists
and the caring that once enabled true growth
will simply be incomprehensible.

But we’re not there yet, not yet, not yet,
and so of the wind let it blow gratitude
and belief in the power to be like a tree
with roots sunk deep in goodness and grace.

Goodness and grace?  Can it be, can it be?
Oh, can it, can it, ever ere be?

Friday, November 2, 2018

Twisted world

It’s a twisted world that cannot be
straightened out by humankind
because the twist made firm and strong
simply cannot be undone
by the good and true.

They stress and strain, pull and tug,
and sweet talk till exhausted
but the twist simply smiles
and lives another day.

The twist elusive snakes its way
in no particular order
across the countries of the world
relentless in its quest.

Oh, yes, it ties us up in knots
and, yes, we turn this way/that
in attempts to be as once was made
but really it’s to no avail.

There is a secret, yes, there is
to resisting and indeed preventing
that twist from gaining ground
but I can’t tell you what to do.

If I could I’d simply say … pray.