Sunday, May 17, 2009

The gypsy

The gypsy's fire has burnt to ash
and she has now retired
from passion's inspiration
to dance so mindfully
to the tune of all she feels.

The rain has started falling;
pitter-patter, pit-pat-pat,
and there's a momentary pause
before the rain is allowed
to mingle with her tears
and make them be as not.

The pause is the time between
what was and what must be
to appear a gypsy happy
around a pile of ash.

I can't see her but I know
her head is bent to low
and she hunches like a crone
on her shuffle back to home.

I think she's somewhat lost
in the dense and physical
and I would say she seems to be
directionally challenged
because it's this way then it's that,
it's forward then it's back,
and not to mention left or right
according to the track.

A gypsy is meant to dance
and a fire is meant to burn
but what is meant can never be ...
when a gypsy has retired!

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