Thursday, January 25, 2018

When rain sets in

When rain sets in and candles flicker listless in the air,
a sense of loneliness creeps unnoticed through the door
to drape like silken robes over shoulders of the old
and bring a kind of comfort to the coldness of alone.

Illusions of the night flitter through a brain in pain
as sighs escape from lips into the atmosphere
to freeze and hang immobile from ceiling to the floor
like statues in a park sculptured from unfeeling stone.

But out of sight a better life dances on the beach
to captivate and catapult the lonely into dreams
where warmth of fantasy trespasses in a mind
until the sun in silent mode announces a new day.

Then star dust in once hopeful eyes dies in reality
and lies beyond the lids waiting to rise again
for when the time is right, there’ll be no lonely nights
but a peace and a love greater than a human’s dreams.

Soon stories will be told of how life began again,
of how fables old are true, and of how a human being
regained the right to see a better, grander, view
than falling rain and candles that flicker listless in the air!