Friday, May 27, 2011

New ideas

The rain falls softly down today
but I hear the pitter-patter
like the landing of new ideas
from out the ether of my dreams.

It’s a life-saving landing
that helps the mind to grow
and extend towards and beyond
the borders of possibility.

Beyond the borders, yes, indeed
where new ideas are birthed
an attraction and magnet
for a mind in stagnant mode.

And I feel the pull, the mighty pull,
from that land of all things new
but I hold on to the safe, secure,
as if death a better option.

Let go, let go, let mind grow
and I do sometimes because
over there, way over there,
lies the most grandiose scheme
a mind can ere perceive.

And I feel the thrill, the mighty thrill,
as if the new were real
but soon, too soon, it settles down
beneath the covers of “if only”.

Pity so all new ideas
that die before their time
to leave a woman/man

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Story of a "she"

‘twas just the mist of days gone by
that made her lose her way
and the river of her longing
that pulled her in and down.

She stayed there for the longest time
no breath, you understand,
but humans are the weirdest things
to swim when they should drown

So she swam to the bank of pain,
gulped the feeling down,
and thrashed amidst the reeds of time
on her way to solid ground.

Solid ground, solid ground?
there’s no such thing she found
because where ere she stands she leans
first this way then the next.

She’s a leaning woman now
and you’ll see her on the ground
siding with the poor, veering towards the rich,
and swaying twixt her heart and mind.

She bends and turns round this and that
and only ever upright stands
when in the ether of her dreams
she lands in paradise.

It’s a land of all things grand
where eyes meet and understand
and once you’ve been there, yes, indeed,
you’ll surely wish to drown!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Like a thunderbolt the silence came
from out the sky to deafen me
to turmoil, strife, and clash of swords
between the enemies of peace.

Amidst the air that stuck within
I savoured so the feel of it
and felt it slowly, surely, peel
the air from lungs that couldn’t breathe.

But muscles taut refused the call
to sink into oblivion
and held their stance like the stalwart
until the break of dawn.

Dawn broke, it did; it surely does
and ‘tis the creep of sun’s good rays
that infiltrates the night’s foray
with brand new hopefulness.

Hopefulness?  Oh, yes, indeed;
it’s a gift open, unwrapped,
to place upon my mantle-piece
from this day forward until death!


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Totally accepting

Winter blasted o’er the land
for one day, two at most,
and then it’s like the devil’s hands
brought the fire down.

One or two like you and me
thought to change the climes
but ordinary people
can’t change what has to be.

I disagree, oh, yes, I do
I’m more than I appear to be
but restricted so by body mass
I’m like a leaf at wind’s behest.

And how like leaves to be full green
vibrant, healthy, on the trees
until, until, that artful time
when off they go into the world.

They litter then the ground,
are pushed around and trodden on,
and just like me they come to be …
totally accepting!