Saturday, September 11, 2010

Let it be known

To be awake but not awakened
and, oh, this is a merry life
that keeps one in the mire
of reality’s conspiracy.

And then there is the light
but no enlightenment
and knowledge but no wisdom
and love but no loving.

Peace is there somewhere
but no peacefulness
because it cuddles up to joy
and hides in discontent.

Let it be known I know
how great we are to live this farce
and play-act with intensity
the simulated genuine.

But of the genuine who knows
if ere upon a dusty shore
if will rise in true force, effect,
and stand as one triumphant?

Let it be known I don’t know
but maybe in a future time
there’ll be a misfit speck of past
that shows I should have known.

The awake, enlightened, wise,
the peaceful and the joyous,
all specks within the folds of time
that one day will make a … whole!


  1. Just wondering if you perform live and where. Thank you!

  2. I really like this poem. I've read a couple of your poems before, but wasn't on a computer that I could comment from. Just wanted to let you know and I also feature different poets on my site once a month. I would like to feature this one. The name of my site might keep you away but I assure you it is a legitimate site with legitimate content. If you are or are not interested please let me know. Also check out my first post featuring poems and see if you like any. There is even one from me. The post is called Poetic License. Also I am very proud of a post called The Most Beautiful Girl In The World. Thanks.