Saturday, August 16, 2014

The river still flows

An overcast day and the river still flows
down to the sea of all it can feel
when love is silent within containment
beneath the fa├žade of normality.

It’s there in the depths that love is free
to remember and know the beautiful
that once confused and set in motion
a series of steps towards heartache.

But not yet broken the heart is whole
to enlarge and absorb the full import
of how love in its own power
moulds and adorns the essence of one.

And the sea still thrashes and rolls as before
without a “you” to disturb the flow
by whatever degree of ignorance
is decreed as your burden to bear.

The river is free there in that sea
where memories meld and mingle
with an unseen and unknown force
that leads true love into eternity.

So look at the sea and know, believe,
I am there remembering “you”
today, this day, when the river still flows
on a South African overcast day!