Thursday, May 31, 2012

Winter's tunnel

Birds perch upon the highest bough
not scared to slip and fall
in this life stripped bare and devoid
of the meaningful.

How firm their faith in love
that through grace allows true flight
to acquire and imbibe
lasting sustenance.

And through winter’s tunnel they’ll arrive
into the glorious
and their song though never silenced
will more strident pierce denial.

But, but, but, and, oh, another but
there are lands where birds don’t go
and mankind that will not grasp
how faith always provides.

It’s not to say that idle hands
must rest content in uselessness
because always in the physical
we’re called to honour life.

Yet and yet, and, oh, another yet
how to honour the stripped bare
and effortlessly glide through
winter’s deadly tunnel?

Through faith, of course, simple faith
so easy but made difficult
to acquire and imbibe
until summer comes again!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Warm winter days

And the sun shines brilliantly!
oh, winter, warm winter days
so gentle and kind its sweet caress
that love retreats into heart
and cuddles in deep so to last
through forthcoming heat and dismay.

There will be the heat of a summer’s ire
and the dismay of a lover dismissed
to burn love’s fortified nest
because nothing can ever withstand
the fire of this reality.

So burns the nest agonizingly
and inside heart screams silently
but love, yes, love, always escapes 
into the shade of the meaningful
to mend and recuperate.

And when love steps out, again, again,
will it find any remnant left
of that heart and fortified nest
that burnt so agonizingly
and silently?

Yes, because always the meaningful
survives each and every fire
to say, again, again, again,
I do love you!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The sea's return

It’s not to say that the story won’t unfold
according to the dictates of everybody’s soul
and so with heart longing the sea returns
to nudge and goad an awakening
of the so intractable shore.

How patient the sea with her come and go
ever waiting and listening intently
for her name to be called three times
but silence greets her every move.

There will come a time of total withdrawal
but she can’t hold back for ever
and all of the love and agony
will crash back onto the shore.

“Run!” she whispers, shouts, and roars
but the shore in ignorance unmindful
of the consequences
merely looks the other way .

But don’t look at man and his abode
for according to soul dictates
not ever can any transitory “thing”
offer a safe refuge.

Beware, oh, beware, sea’s return
after her total withdrawal
but she offers, of course, a time of grace
for the shore to remain as before.

Time is uncertain and nobody knows
when chaos will reign from peace!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Today as yesterday

And when from the depths there rises up
a shiver of fear and more than one tear
they remain for a moment simply a sign
of out of sight agony.

It’s an agony that rips apart
the security of heart
when worshipped is the creation
and not the sure creator.

And though knowing there is more
behind the eyes, the flesh,
I yet love the walking talking “you”
today as yesterday.

But hidden in the silence
is love that bears the agony
of life that cuts and slashes heart
with an evil unsurpassed.

And so of evil what to say
when heart in pieces can’t arise
and fight the fight on level ground
where everybody lives?

Love merely shivers, cries, and lies
a broken entity
behind the eyes, the flesh,
that loves today as yesterday!