Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Time and tide

Time and tide don’t know the cost
of making waves at home
but it’s like there’s no control
when visions of the far away
captivate the mind.

Held within this vice of time
I think and count the sleeps
and dreams and wishes, needs
that crash back again
onto the real and deadly.

And then again the tide, desire
floats me heart and soul
back out into the freedom
of love’s true give and take.

It’s a haunting really in effect
that stalks my daylight hours
and agitates normality
until everything breaks down
but, oh, that solidity
of this present life and times
like rocks to not give passage
to visions of the mind!

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Not yet

The sun has no alternative and it stretches out
but it’s a lonely voyage through layers of “not yet”
to the full glory and wonder of noontide.

Alone it feels the burn of a timeless yearn
to no more be trapped on the outskirts of love
but to organize priorities, pause, and enjoy,
the infusion of new energy
before its fire starts to wane
and the night triumphant reigns.

Higher, higher, and sun rises to the call
but rain penetrates the heat haze of a need
and cools the edges of repetitive endeavours
to enliven its mind to a broader based view.

Around and around; the sun goes around
the perimeter of love like a peeping tom
unable to go from witness to partaker
and too weak to undo
the knot of conditioning.

The sun is nearly there directly up above
but my eyes are downcast, my heart in sympathy,
for all who walk the “not yet” trails,
shine halfheartedly,
and reach the peak of human needs
unmindful of the spirit.

Around and around till in death we’ll maybe find
the sun has stayed behind, the night has claimed the crown,
and clouds of regret hide the pale moon light!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Around the corner

‘tis not around the corner
where love should stay alone
and like the sun enliven minds
from the far away outside.
And it’s like a shadow falling
that turns to blackened ash
all glory be delights
meant to rise and satisfy
the spirit of desire.

 The forest moans
when the flesh
doesn't live
according to the rules
made and stored forever
in the cells of memory.
But what of trees; they’re not me
yet of corners I’m aware
and the moan is like my own
emanating from the soul!
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Thursday, January 10, 2008

A blanket of cloud

A blanket of cloud, low, low, low,
claims the right to traverse the sky
and it moves with the wind
like a devil would run
away from the wrath of the righteous.

But it fragments and breaks and loses itself
like a babe plucked too soon from the womb
and leaves in its wake the faintest of trail
only the wise can follow.

Not wise and yet I see what’s been lost
through the haze of a million tears
for who cannot cry at the split of a heart
and the break of a mind’s solid base?

The cloud rolls on seemingly unaware
like a man turns away from a woman
in search of himself in prosperity
and not in a woman’s eyes.

And I shade my eyes here on the ground
lest I shatter illusions of greatness
in the showing of what I perceive
by the grace of the wisdom in me!

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Thursday, January 3, 2008

The rebellion of sky

The sky is rebelling against my desire;
can you see how the light flickers and dims
like strength of purpose showing the way
and then succumbing to thoughts of the day?
Oh, this stallion of life must be reigned in
and tethered to stakes of determination
to see to the end the decision to love
and to manifest dreams into reality.
“Fine” said the one of deafening sound
up there in the sky where promises stay
“But the do it and make it and stick to the rules
not known on earth for having much worth.”

And so comes the rain as a fillip for brains
that harbour inside small grains of truth
hoping, you see, to grow mountains from hills
and harvest the crop of forever love.  

And love is a maker, a mover, a shaker
that releases the tied into obvious life
and brings the future right into today
quicker than lightening flashes in sky.
But all can wait by the rivers of time
for we are the hills growing mountainous love
one second, one minute, one day at a time,
until dreams are real and love is believed!