Saturday, February 27, 2016

Sunday's story - In her reverie

That gypsy stared intently at her ancient tree of life
and wondered in her reverie how the smallest branch
had managed so effectively to infiltrate and weave itself
into the fabric of her soul to make of the scattered parts
one all inclusive whole.

And then she thought of your tree and the cut and prune
that left a gaping hole that never bled but cried
the tears of one who knew that  human ignorance
had cut it down before its time and left it so to rot
in a barren field of total isolation. 

Not as intense as then but she still can feel today
the branch’s pain and agony, the disappointment and heartache
and most of all the sadness at being cut adrift
from the foundation of what was meant to be.

And so the story goes; no one needs to know
if the branch of love grew or not when transitory pleasure
wears the crown of ruler over the human race
and dispenses rewards to what can be perceived
as the completely undeserving.

But such a gift is free will that surely there can’t be
reprisals or punishment for deciding not to love
and she wonders in her reverie if it even matters
when all is said and done and all the trees have died.

However, in that silent space between each heartbeat, breath,
there’s a deep abiding knowing that in the fullness of all time
what was allowed to grow will enlarge, expand and spread
to shade the future path of one who way back then
decided of her own free will to fall in love with you!

Helen / 28 February 2016

Thursday, February 18, 2016


Time brought her the meaning of life
and placed it down at her front door
but slightly, oh, ever so slightly
off to the right so she didn’t trip
and land prone on the ground of her birth.

Now gypsies, you know, traverse here and there
and don’t believe in walking straight lines
so over she went and swallowed and swallowed
enormous amounts of dirt from the earth.

She chocked and spluttered until finally knew
she had to get up and leave it behind
but dirt in these not so merry times
manufactures its own special glue. 

So down to the river (there’s always a river)
but where, oh, where, is that special one
that will gladly accept the intolerable
and make believe it never ere was?

So tired and weary the gypsy had grown
from searching and searching to no avail
that she turned about face to make her way
back to the meaning of life.

Too many hills and too many dales
and so much underbrush to clear away
that finally, finally, she had to admit
she was plain and simply completely lost!

Monday, February 1, 2016

The Awakening

Set one of the stage opens to show a table for two prepared near the  door.  Fairy lights dazzle and sparkle with hues dancing and glowing up to the moon.

Reflections in water of love’s precious dew surround the table covered in blue and the music that plays whispers a tune of heaven’s own bliss that’s come none too soon.

Locked hand in hand a couple emerge, he walking proud with graying of hair, she passed her prime and showing the signs, they dance until chimes of midnight resound.

The glow from the fire inside of the door promises comfort for love’s early dawn but the call of the wild can be seen in her eyes as she leads him away to the fields and the sky.

On a blanket laid out in nature’s own way passion awakes from living as dead and stars hide their eyes behind soft wispy clouds as naked and proud they offer themselves.

He kisses her fully joining their lips as hands slowly travel down to her hips and the essence of her releases to him the truth of her being so different from his.

The wind brushes bodies with unspoken pleas sending out messages coded yet clear and the pleasure they give returns to their souls as heaven smiles down on the knowing of love.

Scene two opens now with return to their homes as sun touches bodies still warm with own glows but the fire has burnt to ashes of cold and the stage slowly turns as they enter the door.

Two beds far apart and divided by “life” await their return without any warmth and as the sun rises they each can be found …

smiling in sleep for the night took their souls!