Thursday, January 17, 2019


It’s a little word but how it means
so much when said out loud
because it closes gaps,
opens up brand new paths,
and lines the journey forward
with better understanding.

Not often heard it’s like it is
something foreign to the psyche
and time and time again
simply rejected outright.

And not validated it shrives up and dies
but there is no proper burial
for something considered worthless
and thought of as trivial.

Many years later there may come a time
when its value is well and truly known
but how to find the discarded
not a quick and easy task.

Much better to find a safe place
close at hand and easily accessible
and then use, use it, use it,
even if (sadly) it’s time and time again!

Thursday, January 3, 2019

The sea

It’s been a long time since the sea moved at all
but ask anyone and they’d say it’s not true
because there are waves and currents and tides
that make us believe it’s all as before.

But always beneath what appears as the norm
there’s a world unseen and not ever known
where the sea lives a life just like the shore
still and silent and unchangeable.

There was a time when the sea thought to be
a moving force with no settled view
but it learnt over time that there’s no escape
from the essential truth of its very own soul.

And that truth so at odds with expectations
forces the sea to go through the motions
but there in the depths it writes its own story
and immerses itself fully therein.

Spare a thought but please don’t be sad
because it’s just life that frightens the sea
out from the truth into ways of the world
to toss and turn like it knows to do.

The sea is happy but, yes, it prays
for the world one day to change its ways!