Monday, November 25, 2013

Rolling, rolling

The hills are rolling, rolling,
and forces on that gypsy
a sway and tilt, an upheaval,
she’d rather not endure.

Tied firmly as she is
to the seat of mortal life
she’s moving but not dancing
from morn until midnight.

And then there are the hours
when mind escapes the sway
and she wonders if she cries
sad or happy tears.

The hills are rolling, rolling,
and that gypsy gal is moving
until finally all is still
and she sleeps the sleep
of the well and truly dead!

Thursday, November 21, 2013


It wasn’t in the month of May
that life became a devil thing
and I know that well for here I am
held prisoner by November.

Soon, soon, soon, release will come
and I’ll step into December
but I know from then until today
devils follow angels.

But when behind they’re building strength
to one day overtake and trip
the good and innocent
and how silently they grow and grow
seeking always, wishing for,
acknowledgment and praise.

So sad the tale of those in need
that only through an evil deed
can make their presence known
but never in their life and times
gain an ounce of praise.

So be it then; devils follow angels
working hard, so very hard,
for praise that never comes!

Friday, November 15, 2013

That gypsy

That gypsy well known for the movement of soul
that opened a portal to the knowing of more
rests now in the shade of memories
and goes through the motions without the emotion.

Once caught in the web of need and desire
she knows to remain content in repose
and she watches the sun rise up every day
in the very same way as yesterday. 

Sometimes she longs for the thrill of good love
but she sighs of course as gypsies do
for time has stolen the meaningful
and buried it deep in the long lost past.

She wanders back sometimes mindfully
and too sometimes accidentally
but always forever returns again
to the trail that leads into the unknown.

It could be a place, it could be a state,
or plain and simply the end of it all
but she trundles along with  burdens and song
wrapped up in her memories of you!