Friday, March 29, 2013

Love story?

A thought comes stealthily to mind
not like a thief to steal
but to leave a package bound and wrapped
with remembrances
and a card to say write today
the words of a love story.

And I search the archives of that mind
from the start until today
looking for a grain of truth
to weave the plot around.

I find instead impressions
where once the grains did lie
and know that in the world today
truth has gone awry.

The grains of truth blow o’er the earth
but sometimes, yes, they stop to rest
and show their colours openly
to those who wish to know.

And they can see within that truth
how love can truly be
but before pen’s put to paper
the wind blows yet again.

So of that thought I’m sad to say
its efforts are to no avail
when truth and love caught every day
in the gales of life’s disdain!  

Friday, March 1, 2013


Where once the bright and glorious
now only embers lie
and flicker ever slightly so
as if to say they know
they once were a fire.

The moon’s not sad when cut in half,
the sun sets with a smile,
and winter trees do not mourn
the loss of summer’s beauty.

As all that once was dies and lies
in the archives of good memory
they are the embers of my life
continually flickering. 

I douse them with the present times
and term them natural cycles
and yet there’s that flickering
on and on and on.

So when we turn the corner
from the then unto today
how can we still not love the fire
and know winter turns to summer?

I love the fire that once was you
but of those embers still alive
they’ll flicker in my heart always ~
because, simply because, because
you once were the fire
that chased the cold away!