Thursday, January 24, 2013

Soon, soon?

The years come and go;
still so much to know
but like the sea deposits wares
on the stubborn shore
so knowledge makes its encroach
into consciousness.

But like the shore I’m set beneath
life’s prevailing norms
and there comes a dig and bury
of life’s mystery.

The shore, you see, can’t understand
why the wares no longer new
appear as brand new treasures
when used and then abused
by this life and times.

And the shore cannot roll aside
but instead must suffer every day
the deposits by the sea
brought forward from the depths.

Still so much to know; the years come and go
but soon perhaps the shore will be
a complete and true composite
of treasures from the deep
to make of every grain of sand
a rare and sparkling entity.

Soon, soon?  How soon before the shore
changes from the same, same old,
and becomes like my adored
treasured for the depths
hidden beneath the flesh?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Unseen but mindfully enlarged
a picture perfect thus emerged
and walked the path of wishes, hopes,
as comfort for the now deprived.

It strutted, preened, and then enticed
with wares from deep within the soul
and the discard of skin and bone
opened the door to love.

But followed then the rise of sun
on a world unchanged by night’s foray
and I knew not thunder but the bang
of that door once opened wide.

The noise reverberates through time
and dislodges all the moments, years,
from where they’re meant to be
to the floor beneath our feet.

We walk that floor quite unaware
that pressure from our body mass
hurts and wounds love’s essence
and it lingers there close to death.

It lingers, yes, it lingers there,
waiting to rise again
but will it, can it, should it,
when all who tread upon the floor
remain forever unaware?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Disturbed by the wind that rustles my hair
like life that upsets soul’s goal to the end
there still is a whisper amidst the turmoil
that speaks of a peace before the night falls.

Disturbed by a love that came and then went
like a risen up hope foiled by events
there yet remains the recall of it all
to sustain in the times of despondency.  

Disturbed by the rain that cautions my step
like pain that takes too long to be gone
there still is a pause to contemplate
where next on earth I am destined for.

Disturbed, disturbed; why am I disturbed
when the day becomes night and life becomes death
if not for the fact that mind deep in thought
may cause the repeat of … disturbances.

I can stand in the wind, stand in the rain,
remember that love and all of my hopes
but I must not forget to climb the mountain
that leaves level ground behind my back.

I know, I know, but how can I climb
when I plain and simply haven’t learnt how?

Monday, January 14, 2013

No reason

I have no reason to restructure
my now manner of being
when gone are the times
of toeing the line
laid by responsibility.

It wasn’t a chore; I loved them all
but now time to reign in the line
and wind it around my form
like a scarf that adorns,
a hair clip that holds,
and jewellery that sparkles and shines.

I do not wear scarves, clips, jewellery,
when all that I am must stand adorned
by only the essence of “me”
visible to the eyes that can see.

I sometimes think, “Why not, why not?”
and scrimmage amongst the unused
but the heat rises up to make me believe
I’m like the guilty accused
of hiding behind the transitory. 

But you can’t see, you will not see,
and in my lifetime not ever believe
that the one unadorned
loves you more!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

One day, one day

One day, one day, into your eyes
she’ll smile like a heavenly bride
at life’s so feeble attempts
at breaking eternal vows.

But not yet dead she cries;
hurt lingers long after the deed
that kills the heart before time
and leaves just the mind to survive.

And mind in its manner and form
makes of love a crippled affair
that wanders the paths of memory
with no earthly place to call home.

And I think on these things;
will one day that bride
smile into your eyes
or will the effect of life’s evilness
and ignorance of the alive
leave just the mind to survive?

Mind without heart like sky without blue,
a vacuum of devil’s delight,
and she lives now in that nothingness
until her ordained demise.

But I, the writer of love’s permanence,
leave on the sidewalk my views and reviews
for the garbage man to collect
because I know, and she knows I know,
love died when you said goodbye!

(but that’s it – I’m done)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

In the wilderness

Now that gypsy lady’s still out there
in the wilderness
and instead of thinking this and that
stares into the blue.

The rays of sun and love
bear fiercely down
on her loneliness
but they cannot penetrate
her protection shield.

She knows they’re there, feels them near,
but even she cannot break
her life-built armour plate
and allow free access
to the depths of her heart.

But when the sun sets and her guard relaxed
she goes inside to wander in
the realms of loving you
to feel again and know
love doesn’t go away.

But as would be sun rises up
and the truth of love disappears
to leave her once again
not thinking this and that.

She simply stares into the blue
as if to lend energy
to the question of her heart
which asks, always asks, 
if ere again she will be
openly in love with you ~
and then the sun sets
and night comes again!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Sun clings

Sun clings to skin as if it would be
a lover not ever to leave
and impales mind, body and soul
onto a deep and intense lethargy.

It’s in this state that no one can say
whether alive or dead
but there is a shift of consciousness
that brings relief from the heat.

Rise up, rise up, and so she does
divested of lovers and sun
to stand as a woman alone
in the shade of this mortal life.

Upright awake yet she would be
back in the arms of glorious sleep
where the world a thing of the past
and a lover’s touch cool waters.

Not to be, not to be, but let her not be
forever impaled by lethargy
that floats her on a beautiful dream
then crashes her on to reality’s rocks.

Sun clings to skin but only for now
because like love and a true lover
it will leave the mind, body, soul,
alone in this mortal life!