Friday, April 26, 2019

How knowing

Wise are the ears to hear in a crowd
the plea of a pebble down on the ground
to arise as a boulder large and stately
in belief of a power, the great Almighty.

Keen are the eyes of limitless sky
to spot at a distance the beauty of life
multiplying and changing but never to leave
the storehouse of mind’s enlarged memory.

But how knowing the trees of mankind’s greed
and the sea in denial of hostility
still believes and behaves exactly the same 
as it did in the days before I was made.

Then there is me with a need to be true
and embrace the fullness of a new view
like a mother, a lover, a friend, human being,
saved from disease and internal bruising.

But how knowing I am of seasons and tides
and the overpowering need of these times
to uphold the system of death and destruction
as a reason to not try for perfection.  

Mortal ears and eyes; do they perhaps lie
or merely impound the wisdom of mind?

Monday, April 22, 2019


For many years she tiptoed around
the real and meaningful
in the hope that life would reward
her brave if foolish attempts.

There were walls and circles to walk around,
very many doors to be closed
and a heart to be chained up and locked
and she did indeed do it all with aplomb.

And yet she was shadowed by the meaningful
that lurked in the corners of her daily life
till finally, finally, unexpectedly
it blocked her forward momentum.

She had to go backwards sight unseen
to find that lost meaningful
and although she stumbled and fell
she finally arrived at the door of awareness.

She was welcomed, of course, with open arms
but now she can never return
but that’s okay because she knows
she had to be there to be here.

And so of journeys let them not ever be
a complete and utter waste of time
by propelling us forward and not backwards
into awareness of the meaningful!

Sunday, April 7, 2019

The mind

When all that was has faded away
there is no rope to tie the mind
to the stake of present times
so it wanders through the past
touching this and touching that
like a blind man would.

There are no guidelines or directions
and no schedule or time clock
to ring the start/stop bell
and always the mind likes to surprise
with what it decides to remember.

It mingles tears with the smiles
and heartache with happiness
and dangles on a string
a variety of peculiar things
that passed at the time
with no understanding.

Intent on its quest the mind proceeds
to traverse the times that made or broke
human strength and fortitude
and I wish sometimes it would simply bow
and leave the stage of what was back then.

Not to be; the mind’s a beast
untethered and undisciplined
and now and forever will always be
the most vile and worst enemy
of the present times!