Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy Ever After

So I read a fairy tale
one day while missing you
but couldn’t trace the path
that Happy Ever After  took.

Head bent it walked away
from the lilting song of love
and never dared look back
at the tower of destiny.

Today it wanders, yes, it does,
the forest of remorsefulness
because it let the people be
alone and isolated.

Happy Ever After, where goest thou?
And it turns to face the question
drifting o’er the hills,
blowing off the sea,
and whispering through trees.

Confused it stands in silence.
Was it not so rudely banished
by personal agendas
that took precedence?

It travels still the forest paths
waiting, waiting, waiting,
for the call and echo to return
to those who would lay claim
to Happy Ever After. 

But there is only silence
deadly and destructive
and if you listen carefully
you’ll hear its mournful sigh ~
drifting o’er the hills,
blowing off the sea
and whispering through trees!

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