Sunday, December 18, 2011


Yes, oh, yes, I’m halfway there
and, really, really, it’s okay
to be stuck and nearly buried
neither here nor there.

But my place isn’t yours
and I can’t tell you how it looks
and it may be hot or may be cold
dependent on a point of view.

I’m halfway to the promised land,
halfway to loving you,
and halfway to creating
my beautiful reality.

I simply am halfway
and I think it’s fine, indeed I do,
to be neither here nor there
because, oh, yes, indeed because
one day, one day, one day …

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Leave them

Distant is the star I used to wish upon
and further distant is the feel
of wishes coming true
in a world of silent lovers
amidst the din of noisy haters.

It’s not really that they hate;
they’re simply empty, cold,
and feelings neither good nor bad
can live in dark dank places.

And I can’t touch them, no, I can’t,
for the chill that creeps within
and tries to take control
of my essential grace.

So I leave them there as you should do
to grovel in their own petard
and wonder every day and night
why all their noisy frenzies
hurt them instead of me!