Monday, July 29, 2013

Fluidity and grace

She tried to cross the river
with fluidity and grace
but way beyond her knowing
human currents of disgrace
were building and growing.

Her destination nearly reached
before the force upturned her grace,
tensed what should be loose,
and pushed her far off course.

There came a stillness finally
and she emerged bedraggled, wet,
at a place she couldn’t understand
and one that terrified.

She followed then a path
illuminated by the norms
and existed scantily
amidst the then unknown.

She learnt the ways of humankind
but the river, the river!  Where is the river
and how to retrace her steps
when fluidity and grace
lost in the past?

But in her dreams she feels again
how it used to be
and she smiles into the ether
because she knows, you see,
she knows!