Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The honesty of love

One day the honesty of love
simply melted like the snow
but then the clouds disappeared,
the sun shone brilliantly,
and we thought it was good.

We never saw the lingering
of head bent cautiousness
or knew how quiet withdrawals
taint future outlooks. 

But here we stand beneath the sun;
surely we’d remember
that beautiful appendage
to the body beautiful?

We thought, we think, but can it be
we live without love’s honesty
because, because, we thought it good
that day it disappeared?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Not as if...

It’s not as if I dropped love
on the ground to ne’er be found
it simply found its way into
the drama of their lives.

Ignored it thinks to maybe be
a parrot trained to not ere talk
or perhaps a homeless vagabond
with nought to bring to the party.

And so it studies and ponders
each and every drama
making notes by the score
until it simply is no more.

But that’s not true because, you see
it simply came right back to me!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Last Flickering Fire (repost)

In form like the sun’s rise before fall
she dreams of love’s fire licking at sky
and dances her heart openly unafraid
like a passionate gypsy on a hot summer’s night.

“Come!  Feel the burn of this energy!”
she sings to no one and to everyone
as her body in sync with involuntary action
gyrates to the beat of mystical tunes.

The air opens up like a fabled cave
to the heat of desire and need of release
until precious gold and sovereigns of old
become useless tender to the sensitive.

The fire, the fire, one last flickering fire,
forever burns love as a symbol of wealth
when earth meets sky in explosive delight
somewhere over there beyond her foresight.

She’s a lady, a woman, an angel, you/me,
imbued with love’s feel and in motion to be
a second string bow to the masculine soul
like sun is to sky when earth turns to fire!

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Silent in the now is snow that falls to ground
like the creep of agony where it can be felt
and I wonder of the two which will be heard
far beyond the borders of this present time.

Snow will leave, depart, and completely disappear
when seasons change and herald in the warm and beautiful
but of agony it beds right in and stays to reappear
at the moment of inception of remembrances.

Inception?  Yes, the start of and the very beginning
grows and grows till finally it reaches the end
but agony, that fateful thing, slips past the end
and settles down to await the next sure beginning.

How stupid to believe agony’s a thing like me
that at a thought, an accident, or the run out of time
will leave, depart, completely disappear,
and leave a vacant bed where once it nestled in!

Friday, January 13, 2012

The fire

Love is a grand and wondrous thing
until it turns to face the fire
for in the turn it loses face
and stands as a woman shamed.

There is no light from eyes downcast
and never can there be a smile
when viewing only solid ground
unyielding like the unfeeling.

Love shamed is like a cloud o’er-lay
that forever keeps the sun at bay
and we know humiliation like a plague
seeks out and then destroys.

No laughter comes from out the form
and no echo issues o’er the hills
because, because, love turned one day
and faced life’s raging fire!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Join again

My mind has strayed far away
from love’s so many struggles
as if it needed time apart
to rejuvenate the soul.

But soul (that’s me) knows mind can’t stay
for too long far away
because it’s the keeper of my love for you,
the believer of my worthiness,
the treasurer of priceless gifts,
and the chaperon of pain.

Though good it may be for a time
to mindless whittle down the days
I think it’s time now, yes, indeed
to join again and simply be
all I am and have to be
in the year two thousand twelve!