Monday, October 14, 2019

State of grace

I’ve got it today, had it yesterday,
but for tomorrow who can really know
because grace is a state that comes and goes
when humans behave in the strangest of ways.

Fortunately so it always is there
buried down deep waiting to rise
and bloom like a rose to offset the thorns
life is so keen to challenge us with.

So we rise to the challenge and not to the grace
and cut the thorns down however we can
but with never a care for those poor lowly thorns
grace will forever stay out of our reach.

But I’ve got it today and I celebrate
while keeping the faith that it never will leave
but, of course, it never can ever do that
while totally comfortable within our keep.

However, sometimes it cries day and night
for lonely it is without our company
and really how much does it cost to visit
and spend some time in a state of grace?

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