Monday, July 4, 2016

Pop, pop!

Pop, pop, pop!  The memory pops
and out flow all the bits and bobs
from years and years ago
and even just from yesterday.

Floating so within the mind
they form a pattern undefined
and yet sometimes the dots are joined
and cause/effect comes into view.

And of the dreams that should have been
they stand on the periphery
twinkling like a million stars
far from an outstretched reach.

Then there’s love and empathy
unencumbered by the past
because no matter how it tried
it couldn’t pierce the unfeeling.

Laughter, joy and happiness
a mere speck so hard to find
but there within the medley
for tomorrow’s search and find.

Sadness, grief and heartache
bump shoulders with adversity
and enjoy their freedom heartily
until acceptance swallows them.

Finally the clouds comes in
and all that once was visible
becomes as if it never was
until the next pop, pop!