Wednesday, May 20, 2009


When it comes time to do something
it seems that things multiply
and suddenly another thing
cries, "Me, me, me, me, me"
and you look at that thing wondering
if that thing fits other things
or whether it's just a thing
creeping into other things
where nothing belongs.

So come all things, those merry things,
into life's Pandora's box
where they commune with other things
and intertwine their very own things
with one rare and special thing
to make of that thing a mishmash
of all and everything.

Things and things and things
and they all band together
though hardly in tune or melodic
in the circumstance of other things
all trying at once
to be more important things.

But in the way of hierarchy
there's always a thing above
and a thing above, above, above,
all of life's so merry things
banded together and intertwined
in Pandora's box.

The box, the box, ‘tis just a thing
of the nothing, something, everything,
that dresses up in layers
to expand and multiply
one plain and simple, ordinary,
unimportant thing!

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