Tuesday, May 5, 2009

An accident!

Love is just an accident
no surgery can fix
and medication merely numbs
its sheer intensity
and indeed I take my daily dose
like you, and you, and them
unknowingly to procreate
a flow of ignorance.

The flow is fast, invincible,
and unstoppable
and pummels at the truth
like a tsunami
designed and made to suit
individual temperaments.

My tsunami is my look away,
my turn on heel, my shrug,
and my immersion in
the vat of transience.

Delicious, so delectable,
the need and strive to be
plain and simply unworthy
of love's lift up and let down
into meadows of the beautiful.

But I will smell the flowers,
pick petals "love me/not"
and serenely smile at every tree,
every twig, leaf, memory,
for that in case you didn't know,
is the sure and undeniable ...
result of accidents!

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