Friday, May 8, 2009

From out the deep

From out the deep she rose to be
not a mermaid from the sea
but a woman of full faculty
giving back what was received.

Like a natural spring it bubbled
and overflowed the banks
of all that she believed
was the better way to be
and she knew in the equation
a minus stood where plus should be.

It was back then and is today
a calculated risk
to allow the inner out
but the one who "does" the numbers
prone not to ere consult
the one who must fulfil
the demands of a budget.

Except, except, ‘tis known by some
how budgets, sums, plus, minus, works
to bring about a new lifestyle
better suited to the "in" not "out".

Repeat, repeat, and, yes, I did
to maybe wipe the blackboard clean
and start again the adding up
of more meaningful endeavours
to satisfy that "pie in sky"
some would call a soul!

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