Monday, April 22, 2019


For many years she tiptoed around
the real and meaningful
in the hope that life would reward
her brave if foolish attempts.

There were walls and circles to walk around,
very many doors to be closed
and a heart to be chained up and locked
and she did indeed do it all with aplomb.

And yet she was shadowed by the meaningful
that lurked in the corners of her daily life
till finally, finally, unexpectedly
it blocked her forward momentum.

She had to go backwards sight unseen
to find that lost meaningful
and although she stumbled and fell
she finally arrived at the door of awareness.

She was welcomed, of course, with open arms
but now she can never return
but that’s okay because she knows
she had to be there to be here.

And so of journeys let them not ever be
a complete and utter waste of time
by propelling us forward and not backwards
into awareness of the meaningful!

Sunday, April 7, 2019

The mind

When all that was has faded away
there is no rope to tie the mind
to the stake of present times
so it wanders through the past
touching this and touching that
like a blind man would.

There are no guidelines or directions
and no schedule or time clock
to ring the start/stop bell
and always the mind likes to surprise
with what it decides to remember.

It mingles tears with the smiles
and heartache with happiness
and dangles on a string
a variety of peculiar things
that passed at the time
with no understanding.

Intent on its quest the mind proceeds
to traverse the times that made or broke
human strength and fortitude
and I wish sometimes it would simply bow
and leave the stage of what was back then.

Not to be; the mind’s a beast
untethered and undisciplined
and now and forever will always be
the most vile and worst enemy
of the present times!

Friday, March 15, 2019

A gypsy story

She wanted to travel from here to there
and thought the hill a mere bump in the road
so she got out her old trusted wagon
and prepared for the journey ahead.

But as she got to the bump in the road
it seemed to have grown out of all proportion
so she battled and strained, broke her composure,
and cried with the effort of going ahead.

So there she was stuck half way up
thinking and thinking what to do next
and as she pondered months turned into years
while she grew older and then too old.

Too old to go on, too old to go back,
so what was that gypsy to do?
I guess she planned in case, just in case,
there should ever be as some believe
another chance at this thing called life.

What would she be, where would she be,
and I hope she has her blueprint complete
before she decides to set herself free
because nothing happens without a plan.

She plans to this day and knows to believe
she’ll be in a place of safety and love
and that all the other attendant things
will be as she means them to be!

Sunday, March 10, 2019


When there’s sadness in the psyche
it creeps up to the eyes
and sits there like a predator
waiting to pounce and devour
settled composure.

It’s mostly happy living there
but seemingly for no rhyme or reason
it needs a change in scenery
and propelled by an unknown force
runs swiftly down the cheeks.

Soon, too soon, it comes face to face
with determined intent
to quickly wipe away
all trace of its existence.

So then it dies all alone
outside its comfort zone
sorry to have decided
to go on walk-abouts
or so it is thought.

Instead it simply returns again
to settle in and be content
deep in the psyche
until restlessness sets in
and it prepares to pounce!

Saturday, March 9, 2019

The heat

She reads the words and nods her head.
“Just like me” she says to self
and knows at last she’s not alone
in the fierce and unrelenting heat
of life’s, oh, so harsh demands.

No energy or will to fight
those demands that test her faith
and as the heat sinks deeper in
she knows it’s looking for her soul.

But in the still and silent night
soul rises up to fight, fight, fight,
and dawn breaks on a cooler state
to help her face another day.

Caught in cycles all are we
from joy to sadness, hot to cold,
but there is solace in the thought
that all things pass away.

And so she waits for the pause
between the good and the bad
so she can build a stronger soul
to cut the heat off at the pass.

Where will it go she wonders now
but frankly, my dear, she doesn’t care!

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Green leaves

Soon green leaves will turn to brown
and what was once so beautiful
will simply fall to ground
and the tree will stand as one
barren and bereft.

And in this state the tree begins
to contemplate the past
and to think that surely, surely,
the pain and anguish, heartache
will not come again.

It takes a time before the tree
decides to take a chance
and bless the world again
with the beauty of green leaves.

But growing up so very hard to do
and soon the pain and heartache
creeps into all green leaves
and the suffering begins. 

And then silently they carry on
waving in the breeze
and doing what leaves do
in the world of man.

The tree watches and waits
for the season to change
and asks, “can I, can I,
do it all again?”. 

I don’t know for how can trees
grow the, oh, so beautiful
that are doomed to suffer, die,
and then disappear from mind?

And I watch and I wait!

Friday, February 15, 2019

Love's will

Instead of celebrating that gypsy mourns the times
of sun and sea and forest trees and wind through her hair
that spoke, oh, so silently of love’s will to live
and to be well and truly known.

But who can know of love’s desire in totality
when life’s so many little things enlarge and procreate
more and more little things to keep the mind engaged
in the act of survival on the earthly plane.

Survive we must but how to be mindful and aware
and still appear as one divorced and separated
from the meaningful that demands attention
in the still and silent night.

And then we awake with a brand new set of cards;
laugh, make money, have fun and jump around,
and we shuffle, deal, shuffle, deal,
but the meaningful not included in the pack.

Easy then to say it’s really not our fault
when the card that should be played not visible
and I don’t know how to overcome that simple fact
except to say seek and find and to trust that you do.

I trust you will, I know you will, this lifetime or the next
or the next, the next, the next, until a new day dawns
and we participate in this play-act of life
with a full deck of cards!