Wednesday, August 22, 2018

The first

It slides and slithers, oh, just so,
before it disappears from feel
to leave a great and growing need
to once again be joined.

Not long until again it’s back
to quench the need and satisfy
and as the sun rises up
the day is greeted happily.

And in the pause before the next
it works its magic deep within
warming, holding, comforting,
and awakening the senses.

But for all that follow in its wake
none so special as the first
and how can humankind survive
without that first one of its kind?

Yes, it is, you guessed I’m sure.
It’s that hot and steaming freshly brewed
morning cup of coffee!

Friday, August 3, 2018

Village of Humanity

In a village of humanity where the children all grow old
double-sided rainbows weren’t expected every day
but suddenly in awe the inhabitants looked up
and radiated energy pulled the sky down to ground.

Blanketed in blue and shades of other hues
the energy confined boiled over into crime
and the mothers, fathers, children, as one became unglued
from a value system and the merit of kinship.

Up and out they struggled one by one alone to find
the earth no longer stable had become a rolling ball
from which they fell and tumbled into a foreign mode.

In adjusting to the temperature and the intensity of change
love became as water free flowing down a drain
and collected in deep pools beneath the earth’s crust.

There it bubbled, boiled, and today it bubbles, boils,
denied full release into the atmosphere
but through the hues of sky and me it erupts occasionally
and sends boulders, pebbles, rocks, flying everywhere.

Catch them … but they can’t
for love and foreign modes
are and will remain