Saturday, March 31, 2012

Every day

What demon raises up the past
to live again as if alive
and turn the dawn of brand new days
into the setting sun?

I’m angry now and yet I see
‘tis just a smile the past displays
like the winner at a card game
smug and satisfied.

And so in the times of being still
I shuffle, deal, shuffle, deal
and play the game alone to be
finally the victor.

But pointless, useless, so in vain
for only death can clear the mind
so take the pot, oh, smiling past
and revel in your evilness.

And when I die so too will you
so what’s this game we’re playing
that leaves the victor/loser
as if they never were?

The answer’s simple, don’t you know
every day’s the first of April!   


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Oh, yes...

No one is immune
from the energies of doom
that hide behind a miracle
and speak the words of love.

Beware, oh, yes, beware
deception’s in the lair
of the young/old innocent
who mindlessly believe.

Back, oh, yes, we must go back
to times before the chaos
and follow history’s trail
to more understanding.

It’s a chore of time and energy
that challenges the weak
but to find the truth of ages
leads finally to peace.

I am peaceful now and yet,
oh, yes, I still love you
in a world of times that won’t survive
the final confrontation!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

But rather...

When you want to take a chance
on someone or something other than love
there follows a most exhaustive search
for the sparks that ignite desire.

But they have gone missing and simply lost
since that moment of first encounter
and desire must stay as forever dead
deep in this life’s great mystery.

It’s not to say that the clouds descend
and blanket a life in gloom
but rather the sun shines fulsome
on the smallest of blessings.

And that’s not to say that we shrink
and become as the weak disempowered
but rather there follows a speedy growth
into complete acceptance.

To know and accept begets the will
to lay down the tools of the search
but that’s not to say that we will
stay as forever dead, dead! 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy Ever After

So I read a fairy tale
one day while missing you
but couldn’t trace the path
that Happy Ever After  took.

Head bent it walked away
from the lilting song of love
and never dared look back
at the tower of destiny.

Today it wanders, yes, it does,
the forest of remorsefulness
because it let the people be
alone and isolated.

Happy Ever After, where goest thou?
And it turns to face the question
drifting o’er the hills,
blowing off the sea,
and whispering through trees.

Confused it stands in silence.
Was it not so rudely banished
by personal agendas
that took precedence?

It travels still the forest paths
waiting, waiting, waiting,
for the call and echo to return
to those who would lay claim
to Happy Ever After. 

But there is only silence
deadly and destructive
and if you listen carefully
you’ll hear its mournful sigh ~
drifting o’er the hills,
blowing off the sea
and whispering through trees!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Not everyone

Not everyone can be like me
and lift you up, up, higher up,
upon that pedestal
of how you first were made ~ and, yes,
my head bends back, back, back,
until the strength of what you do
and what you choose to say
affords me again a level view.

It’s a view that hurts like fire
in the belly of desire
for I desire your stance
upon a pedestal
that stands forever firm, secure,
through all of life’s demands.

Not everyone can be like me
and that’s good, you know, or else 
lovers would not ere unite,
friends would cease to be,
and the world would plain and simply be …
great balls of fire!

Thursday, March 15, 2012


I’m looking for that grace filled place
that keeps me balanced liked a clock
tick-ticking without fail
to time’s eternal beat.

Not stupid I know where it is
but I wander here, there, everywhere,
because should I chance upon its core
I may just think perhaps, perhaps,
everything is alright.

Of course it is and yet it’s not
because life brings in the need, desire,
for what has been and still remains
plain and simply missing.

So I and you and maybe them
pendulums in disguise
from grace to inner restlessness
back and forth, back and forth.

But I’m moving, grooving, waiting for  
one last and final move
that will keep me evermore, amen,
in a state of grace!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


When all I thought and once believed
left the comfort of my mind
I searched the stores, markets, fairs,
for “stuff” to fill the empty space.

It visits every now and then
to view my acquisitions
and I listen as I did before
in silence like a woman scorned.

So I move the “stuff” this way/that
but when love has proved untrue
and life, of course, unfair
nothing seems to fit.

And when one sits with bits and bobs
that have lost initial glows
it’s like the one that has to move
is me, me, me –
mind, body, soul, you see!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Moments, years

I am the one who flew the skies
to land within a state of mind
that stayed for many moments, years,
unwilling to depart.

But today it’s moved off to the side
and sits there crying like a bride
jilted at the alter
and I speak to it so many times
and say this really will not do.

Soon, I think, it has to die
for who can cry like jilted brides
for many moments, years,
without the will to welcome in
one last and final breath.

Perhaps then I’ll cry for it
for many moments, years,
until compassion and empathy
moves off to the side ...
and sits there crying
like a jilted bride!

Friday, March 2, 2012

A gypsy knows

There’s something in the air
and a gypsy knows it’s there
because after midnight rings the bell
and she awakes to murmurings
unclear yet understood.

It’s a message that has many times
travelled o’er the land
and the sea
and the in-between
to sit within her being
and yet she would sleep.

Night comes again, again, again,
to hold her firmly in its spell
and keep her captive longing for
sight, touch, taste and smell.

Night has neither yet it speaks
of a love that surpasses
but how weak is a love
that tiptoes round the truth
in the light of day!