Monday, May 18, 2009

Maybe this or that

I do not have to shop for magic wands and fairy spells
because the store is closed to believers just like me
and yet I stop to think that maybe this or that
could magically transform my dreams into real.

Dream catchers are for fools content to only dream,
bones and stones can't break the window of a soul,
and angel cards in both our hands foretell of ecstasy
before a used tarot deck maintains I've yet to grow.

And a foresighted man in solemn read of palm
can only be a best friend from a past or future life
telling me again that love's around the corner
just to get a bear hug for his, oh, so thoughtful lie.

But wait - a crystal ball sketches pictures in a mind
and hangs them on a wall of which I'm not possessed
and from my ring or watch a most believable epistle
that never in a million years ever goes to press.

Rather sit with me and we'll breathe together, see
and then you can pay me for sleeping in my chair
but, my dear, if you want more I'll fan your appetite
with the promise of a double dose of ordinary air!

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