Sunday, September 16, 2007

Romancing the impossible

The attraction of opposites;
how beautifully entwined
in this land of physical
not sufficient unto permanence
of two souls combined.

Two who would be king and modern day reversals
of intended roles a fillip to the ego
and crown for personality
but mankind is stuck with
romancing the impossible.

I bow out from the limelight
into myself to know
men are the future makers
like ordinary brick layers
and women the mortar
to hold it all together
from this lifetime now
and on into the next.

My hands are soft and tender with touch of gentle love
yet evolution brings to me hard skin and rough edges
and I mourn this loss of dignity like survivors mourn the dead
until romancing the possible becomes again the norm…
but not in my lifetime,
perhaps not now at all!

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