Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Love Lives

I taste within the sweet heavenly
once shared in the midst of intimacy
and slide my tongue over teeth and gums
to savour the loving like a juicy plumb.

But caught in the turn of life’s merry orb
the centre part, heart, too hard to absorb
and the mind begets only a mind
down each and every set bloodline.

Needs be the hub and core of true love
lies up, up, up, in the blue above
for a time unproved, unknown, unseen,
and for a time to be as a dream.

Yet and yet to this commonplace ground
love comes down to where I am found
and channels its grace in extraordinary ways
to ensure the dawning of better days.

Love lives, you see, in every bloodline
waiting to rise and be as a bride
to the transitory flesh of humanity
to ensure furtherance into eternity.

I love you, I do, and I hope it’s enough
to lift you up and out of the rough!

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