Saturday, September 22, 2007

At the edge of need

At the edge of a need
the sea waits patiently
for my approach and encroach
into the world of feel
like love on the perimeter
of innate desire
lingers around
the will of stubborn minds.

A carpet of green and tall stately trees,
in the distance a shadow; perhaps it is me
mathematically challenged but counting memories
and preserving or discarding for the sake of harmony.

But I’m only a one in life’s long domino line
on shaky ground susceptible to a change of mind
unless I walk the path marked “Intuition’s Way”
through the hills and dales of my African days.

And led that way by need I entered into feel
disruptive, confusing, yet plain and simply me
receiving and perceiving lasting emotive facts
tied in little bundles concise and compact.

The mathematically challenged yet can count on feel
though perhaps it leads astray for the sake of harmony!

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