Wednesday, September 19, 2007

At ease

Languidly at ease in the vision of my dreams
the midnight of your soul reposes next to me.
A glass for wine, empty, still, indicative of will
reflects from the sky moon’s passionate desire.

Slowly as the rising sun life begins again
to encompass the needs of mankind’s reality
like thunder would split and torment the air
with the promise of rain not meant to fall today.

 The heat of no release trails footsteps to the door
and dreams and real entwined run into twilight time
till together in the shadows they merge in memory
and settle in compartments of the deep unconscious mind.

I cry today for love’s long waywardness
underneath a sky dark and somber like my fear
for night brings no relief or calm of my belief
when reality of day overshadows souls at play.

Languidly at ease - and I pray to be that way
until the hand of time moves everything around
and I drink, drink again, the wine of daily calm!

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