Saturday, September 15, 2007

Cyclical Maneuvers

In final acquiesce to the power of the night
and resisting the temptation to throw a tantrum
the light of day roller skates towards the bitter end.

I stand on the sidelines of passive withdrawal
as a witness to the joining of life and death as one
and to cyclical maneuvers out of my control.
In cryptic code beyond the scope of limited ability
lies the scroll of understanding of living versus dead
and why the departed forever shine spotlights
into the shadows of the un-evolved.

Like a sponge I find myself absorbing messages
imprecise and hazy like my very own
until I can grasp the concept of negotiation
and how it feels to be enflamed and then denied.
I am the sun and the moon rolled into one
bearing humanoid features distinctively arranged
to grow and change cyclically beyond my control
and merge finally into a strange and mysterious
unseen twilight time.

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