Friday, September 21, 2007


 It’s a long time now since the night said hello  
sort of slow like a sigh as it builds up inside                  
with neither a storm nor a whisper of wind
to hasten its journey to the other side.

Impatient at best it hangs silent in air
with the promise of all I’ve yet to believe
like a rock on the edge of love’s rippling brook
immobile remains to suffer and grieve.
I keep night there at the edge of my bed
and see how it darkens then lightens again
as if its own shadow has left to discover
the means and the way of bearing the pain.

Withdrawn from the centre of happiness
awake but asleep to the answers I seek
night pulls and I shuffle into a dream state
a prisoner released from the jail of defeat.

But enclosed in night’s arms of unrivaled might
love sprinkles our lives with God’s only light!
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