Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Chasm

Between heaven and earth a chasm is stretched
open and wide like the smile of our youth
determined to catch God’s given worth
and refresh imaginative minds.

Pour oil and I slip backward in time,
water plays havoc with feet on the ground,
but the chasm waits like a lover in love
to shiver through bodies creative intent.

To break from the old is to fall, fall, fall,
into the chasm of innovation
that designs and builds from the bottom up
a unique and new manner of being.

But the path is blocked by the forest and me
as if life would preclude a renewal of thought
and this capture and hold of minds in boredom
a betrayal of our magnificence.

And the you and me likewise entwined
can’t see that the chasm no abyss feared
but a plain and simple hole for the soul
where men and women still fear to go.

Refresh, renew, revitalize, mend,
and rekindled sparks sizzle, snap, crack,
and burn the brushwood of love’s malady
as quick as a flash and just like that.

So burn, baby, burn and come out an adult;
it doesn’t take sticks to light a new fire!

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