Friday, September 21, 2007

A calling

A calling now within the heart
to light the fire that once burnt low
because fortune smiles on he who loves
and pays dividends in kind.

Of fortune said the beggar man
I thought I’d found but then did lose
and spend now a sad and lonely time
with hands like weather spoons
dishing up the seasons
but not true sustenance.

Oh, ‘tis just the mind and how it thinks
and that you know but do not know
when eyes survey the food platters
and believe they’re out of reach.

But I, the I of prolonged fortitude
still find my table laid and bedecked
with the uninspiring tasteless
and I wonder and then I ponder
how to spice the already cooked.

And then I know a re-lit fire
can yet infuse more resilience
to the eating of "what is" today
because I leave it all behind
in the recreation process.

I make, eat, and recreate
until the wonder of
the plain and ordinary
but simply delicious… love!

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