Sunday, March 30, 2008


The trees are now in shed of leaf
like the past from conscious minds
that drops each day more and more
until we’re on our way
into uncertainty.
It’s the future not yet visible
that calls with hopefulness
at the start of heartless winter
yet sometimes there’s the fear
only one alone can feel
that drapes around the shoulders
‘tis of no avail to shrug and moan
or think the future grand
for the “been there, done that,”
gone to ground
but to square the shoulders so
brings a moment’s respite
from the weight of loneliness.
It’s only after all a threat
that if believed is real
and in between the weave of threads
there always is the love
unseen but known to be
that grows again the leaves
and lightens the feel
of untenable fear!
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