Sunday, March 16, 2008

Africa, South Africa

Grazing free amongst the trees
in the peace of all alone
a lumbering old elephant
looks forward, never back,
in his quest for nourishment. 
The air is fresh and clean
away from concrete towers
where shadows come alive
and slink and slither silently
out into the streets.

Africa, South Africa,
from whence doth garbage come
that blows from dingy alleyways
into the country air
and settles in my nostrils
the smell of evilness?

Behind my back a whirlwind
swirls remnants of the past
across the sky into my life
and onward to the future
to settle there and procreate
more garbage for the young.

Africa, South Africa,
where have the children gone
who once played hide and seek
amongst bushes, brambles, trees,
and climbed up rocky outcrops
happy and at ease?

And Africa, South Africa,
where change and turmoil reign
you are today, indeed you are,
a land that swallows children
and regurgitates more crime
to steal and kill the spark of hope
I light most every day!

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