Sunday, March 2, 2008

I give to you

The hand of time, my hand, your hand,
whatever dries my eyes,
silences the tongue of love
and aligns the spirit
with the properties of death.
If I should cry while loving you,
I simply am alive
to the power and the beauty
of all you are inside
and if I should cry at sunsets
let no man say I lie
at their magnificence.
I give to you my tears
though distance mars their tone
confident each drop
will somehow slip and slide
into the waiting channel
of higher consciousness.
Even if construed
tears are immature release,
he who hears the words
and can inwardly interpret
is not a king, God, or queen,
but simply wise emotionally.
I give to you my words,
the wisdom of a woman’s mind,
and a different point of view.

May you see beyond the commonplace
and into the extraordinary!

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